Hardwoods are produced by reproducing flowers and angiosperms with wide leaves. Many species are falling leaves. These temperate zones lose their leaves every fall at the falling temperature and are dormant in the winter, but those in the tropics can shed their leaves depending on the drought season or sporadic period. Broad leaf deciduous species such as oak usually showed rings, but can not exist in some tropical hardwoods.

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Hardwoods have a more complicated structure than coniferous trees and, accordingly, in many cases are growing much slower. “Domestic leaves” The dominant feature of separating conifers is the presence of pores or vessels. The container is thick and can change size considerably as a spiral, it may indicate the shape of perforated plate (simple, stepwise, bridging perforated), and cell wall structure.

As its name implies, wood from these trees is generally more difficult than conifers, but with important exceptions. In both groups there is a huge change in the density range and the actual hardness of the wood in the hardwoods, including completely conifers. Taxus is an example of “hard” hardwoods Some hardwoods (eg balsa) are softer than most conifers. Some websites such as 10meilleurs.net and whattheyuse.net ellaborate more on the best products in the market.

Hardwoods are used in a wide range of applications such as fuels, tools, construction, shipbuilding, furniture manufacture, instruments, flooring, cooking, drums, manufacturing charcoal. Broadleaf tree fittings tend to be more expensive than coniferous trees. In the past, tropical hardwoods were readily available, but it has become rare for overfishing due to the supply of certain species such as Burmese cheek and mahogany. For example, the door “hardwood” is made of soft wood veneers, nicely woven into softwood core, plywood or medium density fiberboard (MDF). Hardwoods can be used in a variety of objects, but because they are most often found in furniture and instruments of those densities, which participate in durability, appearance and performance, Different species of hardwoods are suitable for end use or different composition processes. It is in various characteristics exposed in various woods including density, grain, pore size, growth and fiber pattern, ability to bend into flexibility and steam. For example, replaceable cereal elm (Elegaceae) entrance and other component legs are suitable for the manufacture of chair seats, the possibility of causing disruption in other forests.
There is a correlation between density and calories / volume. As they tend to burn long and more hotly than soft forests like this, this makes them more suitable for such campfire, cooking fire and smoke meat, more like oak, cherry and apple, more Make high-density hardwoods Low density construction and pine and cedar in very flammable sap which they bake quickly and without generating much heat.